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DryLabs in Virtual VitreoRetinal Surgery (Personal Surgeon’s Capacities to Face Difficulties)

mercredi 6 avril 2011
To evaluate trainees´ acceptance of virtual vitreoretinal training with the simulator Eyesi® (VRmagic, Mannheim, Germany). > suite

New Extraocular Illumination Allows Specifically to Better Peel ILM’s (exo-illumination)

vendredi 12 novembre 2010 par Frank H Koch
Trans scleral illumination > suite

OFFISS (Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System) in retinology (Wide angle systems)

jeudi 23 avril 2009 par Jerzy Nawrocki
OFFISS together with our own modifications is very useful in our surgery. > suite

Operating Theatre Organization (Operating room set–up)

jeudi 26 février 2009 par Didier ducournau
How to improve your OR cost effectiveness > suite

The EVRS Way from Venice to Prague (Personal Surgeon’s Capacities to Face Difficulties)

vendredi 12 décembre 2008 par Cesare Forlini
The surgeon’s inventiveness face to the bureaucracy > suite

Patient Information DVD (Patient information )

jeudi 6 novembre 2008 par Didier ducournau
DVD presenting ocular pathologies to the patient > suite

New Implications of Spectral OCT on Retinology (OCT, SOCT...)

jeudi 6 novembre 2008 par Jerzy Nawrocki
Clinical implications of spectral OCT > suite

Retina Surgery, what a Wonderful Job (Personal Surgeon’s Capacities to Face Difficulties)

jeudi 12 juin 2008 par Didier ducournau
Repercussion of intraoperative problem on the surgeon’s psychism > suite

Perseverare Diabolicum (Personal Surgeon’s Capacities to Face Difficulties)

jeudi 12 juin 2008 par Cesare Forlini
Can a surgeon be superstitious in an operating room ? > suite

Slit lamp illumination for vitreoretinal surgery (exo-illumination)

jeudi 10 avril 2008 par Didier ducournau
A less traumatic and cheaper technique allowing to increase precision and speed > suite

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