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The Friction Knot - Scleral Fixation Made Easy (Lens / Combined surgery)

mardi 13 novembre 2012 par Pertti Oskala
A new technique of dislocated IOL fixation to the sclera. > suite

Sclerotomies from the Inside (Sclerotomies)

lundi 12 novembre 2007 par Frank H Koch
Sclerotomies from the Inside > suite

Iris Reconstruction Combined with VitreoRetinal Surgery (Anterior segment)

lundi 5 novembre 2007 par Jerzy Nawrocki
Techniques of iris reconstruction > suite

A technique of IOFB extraction (IOFB removal)

dimanche 4 novembre 2007 par Didier ducournau
A very large intra ocular glass foreign body > suite

Cataract surgery from the viewpoint of a vitreoretinal surgeon (Lens / Combined surgery)

dimanche 5 novembre 2006 par Klaus Lucke
Preferences of a vitreoretinal surgeon > suite

Dislocated IOL Surgery (Lens / Combined surgery)

samedi 4 novembre 2006 par Didier ducournau
A very easy technique to pick up a dislocated IOL and place it in the anterior chamber > suite

Safety exit for the removal of giant IOFB (IOFB removal)

vendredi 4 novembre 2005 par Cesare Forlini
Different IOFB extractions shown in videos > suite

Scleral Buckling for RD (Scleral buckling)

mercredi 4 novembre 1998 par Didier ducournau
Rationale, Mechanics, Indications and Surgical Technique > suite

20G vs 25G, The Race (Sclerotomies)

dimanche 5 novembre 2006 par Didier ducournau
Race between two vitrectomies (20G vs 25G) done for a similar ERM, comparing the duration of the different steps > suite

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