Vitrectomy Machine Choice

mardi 4 novembre 2003 par Didier ducournau

We do not pick a vitrectomy machine like we do a vacuum cleaner, considering its power, color, and the company that made it. Everything we ask the vitrectomy machine to do is so vital to the final result that we can’t possibly be satisfied by a machine that nearly achieves our goal. We ask for a precise control of the quantity of the vitreous that enters the endpiece in order to avoid aspirating or tearing the floating retina to which it is attached, thus ask for a precise aspirating flow control ; we ask for a quick and efficient cut, without pulling out or moving the retina ; and finally we ask for a stable intraocular pressure during the entire procedure and so we want the machine to adapt its infusion flow to the aspiration flow. The problems are that we are working in a complex environment with varying viscosities and that the machine is not intelligent ; it can only respond to our commands while also obeying the laws of physics, in this case the laws of fluid dynamics.

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